Dog Park Doormat - 45 x 120cm


Embrace the joy of canine companionship with the Dog Park Regular Doormat, a charming addition to any dog lover's home.

This standard-sized dog doormat measures 120cm by 45cm, making it an ideal for front entrances to backdoors or even a dedicated pet entrance.

Made from natural coir fibres, this mat boasts a durable, rough texture that is perfect for scraping off dirt and mud from shoes and paws alike. Coir's excellent absorbency keeps moisture at bay, helping to maintain clean indoor floors regardless of the weather outside.

The doormat's surface is adorned with an array of dog silhouettes, celebrating various breeds in detailed designs that capture the heart of every dog enthusiast. The varied coat patterns and postures bring the playful spirit of a dog park right to your doorstep.

A reliable PVC backing helps keep the mat in place, reducing slips and providing stability as you step in and out. This backing also ensures the mat's longevity, allowing it to welcome you and your furry friends for years to come.

Whether it's a gift for a fellow pet owner or a treat for yourself, the Dog Park Regular Doormat blends practicality with the unmistakable charm of man's best friend, making every welcome a tail-wagging occasion.

Measures 120cm long and 45cm wide. This is a slimline doormat at approx 1.5-2cm thick.